nothing beats reality

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nothing beats reality

Directors Duo based in Copenhagen

The Directors Duo Piere Winther and Asger Leth are a combination of highly creative Director / Photographer and Concept skills.
Their fusion is the consequential thought of extremly professional creative experience which reflects in outstanding implementation of great ideas.

Pierre Winther is a self-taught photographer, film director and creative, known for his unique and powerful trademark look that has been pushing the boundaries of imagery for the last quarter of a century.At first glance Winther´s pictures look like stills from a movie set of some dark, twisted movie that you don´t quite understand but still like. But his images are well-elaborated, often playing out whole plots in a single frame.
Pierre Winther has always thought outside the box and created high-concept ideas that he then translated into stills, film or a combination of both. He brings a wealth of experience and an arsenal of ideas to any project, often playing an intrinsic role in crafting ideas or brand worlds.

Winther has been the Creative director of several world-wide campaigns and has created award winning work for global brands brands like G-STAR ,Dunhill, Diesel jeans , Diesel Style Lab, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, Nike, LEGO, Energie Jeans, Adidas, Finlandia vodka, Mercedes, Axe, Reebok, Smirnoff, MTV, Coca Cola, Sony, Fiskars group, BMW, JVC,  Cartier Luxury goods, just to name a few.

Asger Leth is a cultural entrepreneur who initiates and executes large, creative undertakings within the film industry. He possesses a strong artistic point of view and the ability to organize and lead substantial production teams of highly skilled individuals in the co-creation process of filmmaking. In the micro-cosmos of film creation, where each film requires exceptional business skills to produce, he is a force to be reckoned with, both in regard to feature films and advertisements.